Alchemy of Sacred Health

The Home of Transformational Wellbeing

We’ve created something the world was missing.

A world where healers, therapists, light-workers, practitioners, and movement educators can finally practice what they preach – health in the body, mind, spirit and their businesses = FREEDOM.

We know all too well of the plight of the healer, the one that puts everyone else’s needs first but ends up broken themselves.


Wellbeing in your businesses and lifestyle
(the days of the struggling healer are over)

Wellbeing in your bodies
(no more burnout or exhaustion)

Wellbeing in your home
(freedom to choose work hours that suit the whole family)

Wellbeing in your community
(experience being fully supported and connected and part of a like-minded community)

Wellbeing in your income
(boost the bank balance with regular, loyal clients who refer you)

With us you will learn how to facilitate and transform the wellbeing of all people, all ages, all genders, all backgrounds even in other countries and continents.

The journey to transformational wellbeing starts here


Sacred Health is open to existing therapists looking to double their impact (and their income!). Learn how to work with bodies online and establish a global practice with this cutting-edge therapy.

Online 6 month programme and live training via Zoom (+ 4 days of in-person training to achieve accredited practitioner status).

TR Method is an opportunity to train in and facilitate deep healing and life changing shifts for clients. And have a game changing business that supports you and your family.

The Toxic Release Method is designed to bring massive shifts using a YIN approach to transformation – gentle and deceptively powerful over a period of support lasting 3 months.