Get ready to facilitate toxic release method

Live training earn CPD points for £39


13th/14th/15th May


3 days training course to prepare you to become a transformational facilitator

Discover how you can evolve and expand your therapeutic business, have a fulfilling and flexible career and work with clients who have been in toxic relationships (isn’t that all of us?)


Understand the power of working with mind, body, energy and function

Understand the power of combining somatic practices with breathwork and coaching

Learn about the skills needed to facilitate powerful transformation

Understand the effects of toxic relationships on the body

Understand the demand for going deeper with clients

How and why expanding your business and offering a transformational process will be the best ROI for your business right NOW

Understand the mindset of a successful wellness entrepreneur

Understand the root cause of Toxic relationships

Understand the power of transformation versus quantum shifts

Understand psychosomatic presentations

Herbal Compress Workshop
Herbal Compress Workshop

Receive your certificate of attendance for CPD points from Toxic Release Method

Over the 3 days….

we will teach you a completely different and revolutionary approach to working with clients therapeutically


You’ll gain insights and confidence to decide if you are ready to train as a transformational facilitator and work with people online and in-person to release toxic patterns, behaviours, habits and physical pain


Throughout the training you will get practical advice and learn the most powerful formula you need to learn to be able to move to the next level of excellence 


Take this first step and learn exactly what you need to know to become a Toxic Release Method Facilitator


Sacred Health Advanced Certification

Imagine a transformational experience of healing, awakening and health, for you and your clients. 


what if you could

Understand the key components of transformation

Gain confidence and clarity about what is needed to be a Toxic release method facilitator

Know in your heart what your passion and vision is and how you can have that NOW

join us now for this revolutionary training

You will earn CPD points and when you complete the workbook you will receive a certificate




Do you want to create a more successful, more sustainable business whilst doing healing work?

I have created a revolution in healing – a training that is better for clients and better for you

It brings together my approach, developed over 3 decades in the wellness space

I teach how to combine somatic practices, touch, breath and coaching to create powerful and lasting transformations looking at the root cause of Toxic relationships and psychosomatic pain


If you are already a coach, healer, practitioners, yoga teacher and want to create a profitable and successful business offering something BRAND NEW and revolutionary join me for the free training NOW


I’ll be teaching you the easy and rewarding pathway to changing yours and your clients lives


You’ll learn how to take the next steps with me to EXCELLENCE in your business


Get ready to facilitate the Toxic Release Method

Go from this to this…

Fed up with the feast and famine cycle and unsure what to do

Understand exactly how your business can thrive and create the life and business of your dreams


Being unsure if you have what it takes to facilitate deep transformation

Obtain clarity and confidence to know and embody the highest vision you have as a healer

Fed up with taking trainings and not seeing the return on investment


Understand exactly what it means to have a mentor and support and be taught how you can set up your business for success


Herbal Compress Workshop

Hi, I’m Natasha de Grunwald

I’m a published author, teacher and practitioner with over 3 decades of experience and a speciality in working with psycho-somatic problems. 

I have always been revolutionary in my approach, whether that is in my private practice, opening and running a clinic for NHS doctors, surgeons and nurses or treating women and children with HIV/AIDS in hospital (when I was only 19 years old).


I am extremely passionate about teaching therapists to work at a high level of excellence and efficacy. My zone of genius is to integrate practices and methods that combine ancient wisdom and modern concepts drawing on my years of research and studies from around the world.  


Herbal Compress Workshop