We have many exciting collaborations and events coming up that will help you explore your untapped potential and shift your perception of who you think you are.

We bring you together in community to create magic and experiences that you will remember for your whole life.

We use Breathwork, sound, touch, games, creativity to create transformational experiences for you, your friends, colleagues, family, loved ones.


BREATHWORK: Journey Through the Elements to Rebirth with Natasha De Grunwald

14th October, 4.15 – 5.45pm

Alexandra Palace, London


Travel with us to music through the elements of your body, mind and soul. Through the power of Conscious Connected Breathwork and Buddhist poetry experience the transformative release of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Space & Consciousness.

Transformational Breathwork

5th November, 1 – 2.30pm

Bhuti, Richmond, London


Breathing in affirmations, surrendering and letting go.

During this transformational breathwork experience you will be breathing in powerful affirmations to an incredible healing playlist and live shamanic drums & vibrational sound medicine.

Together we will breathe in the power of words – which are like spells – and we will breathe out and surrender to let go of the toxicity we hold onto – thoughts, feelings, people, past.

Let us prepare for our next level of being using breath, touch, voice and sound.

Transformational Breathwork

10th December, 2 – 4pm

Bhuti, Richmond, London


Welcoming in the long night moon energy, an opportunity to rest, restore and connect to our deepest longings.

During this transformational experience you will feel the deep vibrations of shamanic drums and the resonance of sound healing instruments, with an angelic playlist. Together we will call in creativity, own our power and experience deep rest and restoration.