Are you a therapist, wellness practitioner or coach looking to work with clients on a deeper level?

You have a real inner passion to help people. And you love the healing work that you do.

But you want to go deeper…

You’re longing to do more for your clients than you currently can. You want to facilitate life-changing transformation that lasts.

And you want to create a more successful, more sustainable business while doing this healing work.

Well, my friend, you’re in exactly the right place…


Does this sound familiar?

You’d love to help clients break free from the toxic cycles that are keeping them stuck or in pain.

Clients come back with recurring problems that require deeper healing than you can currently give. You’d love to help them move past their pain and achieve real transformation.

You’re frustrated with your current practice.

The individual modalities you currently have in your toolbox just aren’t hitting the spot. Rather than having to refer clients you can’t fully support yourself, you’d love to be better equipped to help. You want to offer a more holistic, joined-up method that tends to the whole of the person in front of you.

You’d love to work with more than just the physical body.

You want to understand and explore how body, mind and soul work together. And have the tools to safely facilitate shifts on a physical, energetic, spiritual, mental, hormonal and emotional level.

You’re excited about combining science and woo.

You’re an anatomy geek who’s also fascinated by energetics, spirituality and ancient wisdom. So the idea of using coaching, therapeutic touch, breathwork, sound medicine, sacred alchemy, nervous system work, and more, gives you all the goosebumps.

You’re done with feeling exhausted and depleted by your work.

You love being a therapist but bookings can be sporadic and the feast or famine cycle is way too stressful. You’d love a way of working with clients over the longer term that feels more stable and secure.

You long to be fully supported with regular mentoring and a community of like-hearted facilitators.

You have dedicated so much of yourself to looking after others. You’d love to get the support YOU need to make a big, life-changing leap to the next level.

You’re ready to become a leader in transformational healing.

You sense that you are being called to do deeper work with clients. And you want to be part of this healing revolution as it ripples throughout the world.

Herbal Compress Workshop
Herbal Compress Workshop
Herbal Compress Workshop

A transformational experience of healing, awakening and health for your clients … and for you.


The Toxic Release Method™ Facilitator Certification

An online and in-person advanced facilitator training that will revolutionise the way you work.

Sacred Health Advanced Certification

Better for clients:

Help clients let go of toxic relationships – such as a destructive relationship with themselves or others, overwork, or habits that are making them unhealthy – so they can achieve deep transformation that lasts.

Support people to break the unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck and in pain.

Care for the whole of the client (physical & energy body, thoughts and emotions) for deep transformation on all levels.

Assist clients to physically release toxins from the body through breathwork and nervous system work.

Address the root causes of recurring physical and/or emotional pain so clients finally get lasting freedom.

Create massive shifts in a safe and gentle way, using a Yin approach over 3 spacious months.

Better for you:

Gain the knowledge, skills and experience to help clients release and heal on every single level. No more imposter syndrome or limitations.

Feel huge satisfaction in your work, knowing that you are facilitating deep, lasting transformation.

Enjoy the reputation and respect you’ll earn from being a leading-edge facilitator delivering incredible results for your clients.

Create a thriving business with predictable, stable and exciting levels of income. No more feast or famine cycles.

Work with fewer clients over a longer period. Freeing up time and energy to enjoy life outside your business.

Rise into a higher level of leadership as you deepen and expand into the transformational work you’ve been called to do.

A revolution in healing

There is so much suffering and separation in the world right now. What’s required is a revolutionary, holistic approach to healing.

The TR Method is that revolution.

The 9 pillars of the Toxic Release Method™

You’ll learn to support clients through a groundbreaking combination of modern and ancient modalities:

TRM Breathwork

A blend of functional breathing and breathwork practices adapted to the individual client’s current state. A Yin approach to conscious, connected breathwork.

Nervous system reset

 Working with the central column, the spine and nerves to enhance energy, vitality, physical alignment, visceral function, reduce anxiety, aid sleep, shift old patterns, and enhance self assurance and confidence.

Sound medicine

Sound and vibration to elevate, calm & relax. Adding in breathwork and carefully curated soundscapes for optimal therapeutic effect and re-calibrating the nervous system.

Heart-mind reset

Working gentle and powerful points on the physical body to create flow, alignment and deep self-connection.

Sacred Alchemy

Transformational visualisations and meditations for release, peace, health and visioning into the future.

Therapeutic touch

Gentle realignment of the fascia and deeper structures (Bowen Technique) and activation of the pulses in the body (Wind Gates) to release toxicity and reset the physical, mental and emotional pathways.

Inner journey

 Parts process & timeline travel to guide clients to discover how their inner world has shaped their experiences and how it impacts their lives now.

Body alchemy

Feeling into the power of the body, communing with the felt sense for connection, deep relaxation and powerful awakening.


Powerful and transformational coaching techniques, using conscious listening, questioning and exploration to build confidence and release old patterns and stories.

Herbal Compress Workshop

Hi, I’m Natasha de Grunwald

Suspended from school at 14. Beaten up by a boyfriend at 15. Child of narcissistic father and now your life-loving & outrageously rebellious teacher who facilitates personal & professional breakthroughs.

Focussing on YOUR wellbeing and the unedited full potential of YOUR unique gifts. I was teaching personal growth at 11 years old in a semi-cult environment. Sitting ‘in circle’ back then and being forced to speak up freaked the living daylights out of me and taught me a lot about the importance of creating safety, self empowerment and consent in the healing space.

Had a blast taking drugs and raving in the 90’s until I realised my nervous system was in tatters, I was running away from myself and that was never going to get me very far.


Nowadays I make trauma transformation / self realisation hip and fun enough to create unapologetic and ballsy wellbeing facilitators who have a game changing toolkit to work with.
IF you identify as a wounded healer who knows old patterns and traumas are preventing ‘holy fuck’ levels of magic – in life, business and relationship I am the person you need in your life.

I’m a practitioner, published author and pioneer of touch who specialises in working with a psycho- somatic approach.  I believe that by connecting the body, mind, function, energetics and soul in clinic and training courses we have a brand new way of creating healing

I’m a practitioner, author and trailblazing teacher of therapeutic Thai bodywork & the Sacred Health Method.

I’m also a personal development facilitator, empowering hard-working therapists to step away from struggle and strife, and into freedom and fulfillment.

Running your own practice is one of the BIGGEST personal growth experiences you’ll ever have. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s my mission to help incredible practitioners create a more abundant, easeful and exciting way of working and living.

Herbal Compress Workshop

Regular, long-term clients

The TR Method is a gentle but very powerful 3-month process.

You’ll enjoy developing a deeper relationship with clients and facilitating the huge shifts possible through this work.

You’ll also love the ease and safety of having regular, long-term clients who are consistently achieving incredible results in their transformation.

Toxic Release Method™ curriculum

Here’s what you’ll be learning over 7 core modules:

Pre-class orientation

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to TR Method
  • Ethics, values, professionalism
  • Getting started
  • TR Method overview


  • Anatomy of the breath
  • Anatomy with an ancient and Eastern lens
  • Anatomy of the body
  • Working with heart – Mind and Wind Gates
  • Nervous-system reset


  • Impact for clients
  • Impact for business
  • Research to support the different practices
  • Introduction to TRM Breathwork
  • Your own journey into the transformational benefits of TRM Breathwork


  • Practical application (Clinical practice, lectures, video demonstrations & case studies)
  • Coaching, inner journey, body alchemy meditations, sacred alchemy activations
  • Heart-mind reset, nervous-system reset, Wind Gates, Bowen technique
  • Beyond the shadows
  • Sound medicine


  • Conscious listening demo lesson with examples
  • Conscious questioning demo lesson with examples
  • Somatic Sensing, feeling, intuition
  • Trauma awareness
  • Deepening into own practice with clients and self


  • Practice plans and resources
  • Flexibility in the 3-month process
  • Adaptations for individual clients


  • Time together with your teacher and community
  • Fine tune, embody & deepen into the method
  • Experience TR Method transformation for your own health and growth
  • Graduation ceremony


  • Marketing your business
  • How to set up your business
  • How to grow your business
  • How to love selling
  • Resources for setting up
  • Pricing guide for 3 months of TR Method process
  • Legalities and contracts
  • Creating your business with values
  • Guest lessons from business coaches, branding coaches and website designers.

Fully supported

20+ years’ experience

Natasha has been designing and teaching transformational accredited healing courses to practitioners for over 20 years.

Advanced certification

A comprehensive, accredited course, you’ll complete 300 hours’ training – 100 hours embodiment/ personal journey with the process + 200 hours learning/study.

Professional qualification

At graduation you will be certified as a Toxic Release Method™ Facilitator.

Accessible online training

Lessons and weekly support calls are online and accessible from anywhere in the world.

In-person element

Graduation is a compulsory in-person 3-day retreat (see Retreat section) where you’ll learn from Natasha face-to-face, and get to fine tune your skills and do the vital work of embodying the process for yourself.

Flexible, practical structure

You can join at any time. Your learning content is drip fed and you have forever access to the materials.

A timetable that suits you

Work through the programme at your own pace. (The quickest you can do this is within 6 months. And you have 18 months to complete the training and graduate.)

Live weekly support

Zoom sessions with Natasha for continuous support during training and beyond.

Lifetime membership to the TRM Community

A Facebook community of facilitators on the same path as you.

Peer support

You’ll be buddied up with other students for practice as part of your journey.

Herbal Compress Workshop
Herbal Compress Workshop

Graduation Retreat

Our Graduation Retreat is 3 glorious days of: self care, TR Method deepening, connecting with community, fire ceremonies, breathwork, beyond-the-shadows play, movement practices, bodywork, and much more.

It’s a compulsory part of the TR Method certification and it’s where we celebrate your graduation together.

When you choose the retreat you’d like to book, you’re choosing your own end date. Giving yourself accountability around completing the self-study elements of the training.

* Graduation Retreat is at an additional cost.

Upcoming retreats:

SPAIN 2023 – £1300

3 days at a beautiful retreat centre near Madrid. Includes shared accommodation & all meals, plus transport to and from airport (travel/flights to Madrid are not included).

Sacred Health Advanced Certification

What you receive

Toxic Release Method™ online programme

Toxic Release Method™ Advanced Facilitator Certification

Weekly Zoom support calls with Natasha

Pre-recorded video tutorials and audios

Accompanying workbooks

Continuous assessment

Facebook group for support and community of peer practitioners

Your Bonuses

Ever-growing library of TRM resources to share with clients – movement, meditation, activations, body alchemy and more

Knowledge vault – links to additional resources including podcasts, videos, books, blogs

Cheat sheets (condensed notes in bullet form) to carry with you and support your facilitation

Early bird price (book before end March 2023)

* Compulsory in-person graduation retreat for those wanting to obtain the professional certification is an additional cost (see Retreat Section)

Pay in full


(*price due to rise to £6999 in the near future)

Pay in instalments

£500 deposit

and then 6 or 12 payments of

6 x £600 (total £4,100)

12 x £304 (total £4,148)

Still got questions?

When does the programme start?

The programme has started. Currently the mentorship sessions are Tuesdays at 8pm and Wednesdays at 4pm on alternate weeks. 

    How long do I get access to the course materials?

    You have 18 months to finish the course and graduate. As a certified facilitator you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and live sessions.

      What happens if I can’t make the live calls?

      The weekly live calls are an essential part of both your learning and the certification process. You must attend at least 2 calls per month (out of 4) to graduate.

        What are the entry requirements?

        You need to be already working in wellness in some way (whether as a bodyworker, therapist, practitioner, movement educator, coach or lightworker) and have experience of working with clients.

          What’s the time commitment like?

          This is a 300-hour programme. You will have 100 hours embodiment / personal journey with the process and will complete 200 hours learning/study.

            Will I be able to use the TR Method with clients online? Or is this an in-person only process?

            You can facilitate some of the TR Method online, and the bodywork elements will need to be delivered in person.

              What happens about case studies?
              There will be 20 case studies where you will be expected to write up notes about the process you took each client on.
              It is up to you whether you work with one client for 20 sessions or mix it up with some clients seeing you for 3 sessions and others for 5 – what I will be looking for is the transformation, the process and tools you chose to use to deliver the facilitation.
              There will be 5 additional coaching case studies as a stand alone – we may invite you to complete this during one of our online events.
              How do I book a place?

              You can book your place here or (click any of the buttons above). You’ll pay a non-refundable deposit on booking and then we’ll email you a contract to sign electronically. Click here to read our full terms and conditions.

                Any other questions?

                Drop me a line here or book a call and I’ll be happy to answer any other question you might have.